There Will Be A New Phoenix Concourse At Terminal 4. It Will Have New Shops, Restaurants, And Even A Lounge

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There Will Be A New Phoenix Concourse At Terminal 4. It Will Have New Shops, Restaurants, And Even A Lounge

This summer, the 8th concourse at Terminal 4 of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport will open. Recently, the Phoenix City Council agreed with the ideas for new restaurants, shops, and a common-use lounge at the new concourse.

In the future, there will be even more local restaurants and shops at America’s Friendliest Airport, which will make it even more fun for people to visit. People who fly out of Phoenix Sky Harbor want to see a mix of national and local brands, as well as businesses and people from different backgrounds.

For example, “With local businesses like Changing Hands bookstore and the Melrose Pharmacy, as well as an all-state favorite like Eegee, we will now be showcasing some of the best that we have to offer.” “I’m always trying to help small businesses get the help they need to succeed.” Placing these organizations in front of people from all over the world is a great way to help them grow and show off the things that make our community so great.

Concessions Phase 1 has been given to The Grove Inc. The Grove Inc. is owned by a woman. They have agreed to have 40% of their business come from small businesses. Concepts that will be part of the Grove’s work are things that are from the area. Pedal Haus Brewery, Berry Divine – Acai Bowls, Bobby’s Burgers, Eegee’s, and Chick-Fil-A are some of the businesses in the area.

A company called The Grove, Inc. CEO Nina Madonia: “We are grateful to be a part of the beautiful and innovative concourse and excited to expand our business in the great city of Phoenix.”

It was given the Food and Beverage Concessions Phase 1 Package 2 grant. This is another small business idea for food and drink concessions. People who work for Sip Coffee & Beer will serve food and drinks from local Arizona businesses, like CULT Artisan Beverage Company, Native Ground Coffee and Mother Road Brewing Company. Half Moon Empanadas, Wild Tonic Kombucha, San Tan Brewery and Cactus Licker Coffee are also on the menu.

As the founder and CEO of Emerging Domestic Market Ventures, LLC, Gonzalo de la Melena, says, “I’m excited to show off so many small businesses that are owned by people from different backgrounds.” Sky Harbor is a big part of Phoenix’s economy, and having businesses that are a good representation of our city is good for business and good for the economy.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport also needs to be able to get local products and stores. With the award of the Retail Concessions Phase 1 Package to The Marshall Retail Group, LLC, travelers will be able to see unique and high-quality goods that show off the local culture. Changing Hands Bookstore and Melrose Pharmacy will be part of The Marshall Retail Group, LLC’s shops, as well as a lot of other Valley businesses. In one retail space, there is a news and convenience store, as well as an area where people can buy things that aren’t on the shelves. To get the space, Marshall Retail Group and three other businesses have formed an alliance. They’ll be in charge of a quarter of it, and they’ll be able to use it for their own business. This is a high-tech store that will also have CASA Unlimited, Changing Hands Books, and Melrose Pharmacy in it, too!

PHX’s new eighth concourse will be filled with shops and restaurants, and the Marshall Retail Group is excited to be a part of the project. “We are proud to work with Joya Kizer of Casa Unlimited and Teresa Dickinson of Melrose Pharmacy, as well as Cindy Dach and Gayle Shanks of Changing Hands Bookstore,” said Roderick McOwan, chief development officer of the Marshall Retail Group, which has been a part of the project since 2009. Our Uptown Phoenix marketplace is a unique concept that was made for Phoenix. It includes a wide range of brands and vendors from around the city, as well as national brands like Ray Ban and Oakley. We are looking to work with InMotion and Changing Hands to make this a destination for people who want to buy high-quality goods while on vacation.”

The 8th concourse will also have a common-use lounge. It has been recommended for an award. AD Partnership LLC dba Sapphire Lounge by the Club has won. The Sapphire Lounge by The Club will have 3,500 square feet of space. It will be available to travelers who want to relax or work. The lounge will show off a lot of things from the area and have a special menu. Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders will be able to use the lounge, as well as Priority Pass members or people who buy a one-day pass. Travelers from all airlines will be able to use it, too. We are excited to be part of this new concourse at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, says Dana Pouwels, the general manager of Chase Sapphire Lounge. “We look forward to building a lounge that is local and unique,” she says.

“As the first and last place people see when they come to Phoenix, I’m happy to see local brands in our newest Sky Harbor Airport concourse.” As well as giving tourists a taste of our city, local businesses are getting more attention. It’s a good thing.

Restaurants and shops will open in stages through 2022 and 2023, but they won’t all open at once. The 130,000-square-foot concourse at Terminal 4 of Phoenix Sky Harbor, which is the busiest, will also have a lot of customer amenities, like charging stations all over the place, an Animal Relief Area, a nursing room, art, and beautiful views of South Mountain and the surrounding area. See how the new concourse will work and how to get to it here.

Yassamin Ansari, the councilwoman for District 7 in Phoenix, said there is no better way to welcome thousands of people to Terminal 4 than with some of the best and most local small businesses. Pedal Haus Brewery, Changing Hands Bookstore, and Melrose Pharmacy are all great additions. “The Grove did a lot of great work to help a lot of women-owned businesses who also help our smallest businesses.”

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