The Greater Phoenix Chamber Develops Legislative Priorities For 2022

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The Greater Phoenix Chamber Develops Legislative Priorities For 2022


The government’s priorities include promoting economic recovery and pro-labor policies, maintaining a structurally sound budget, and safeguarding the business sector from excessive restrictions.

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce (the Chamber) has announced its legislative goals for the Second Regular Session of Arizona’s 55th Legislature, which will take place in the second week of January. Employer safeguards that allow companies to successfully manage their workforces, as well as pro-workforce legislation that guarantee employers have robust talent pipelines, are among the issues the Chamber is arguing for during this legislative session.

As Mike Huckins, the Chamber’s vice president of public relations, put it: “The Greater Phoenix Chamber’s 2022 legislative agenda represents the interests of our members—first and foremost, we want to ensure that businesses have the tools they need to continue recovering from the epidemic.” Our top priority this legislative session is to fight for and prioritize policies that will elevate Arizona to the forefront of national and global economics, which is our ultimate aim.”

The Chamber’s public affairs staff is looking forward to pushing for pro-business and pro-growth policies on behalf of its 2,400 member firms at all levels of government, as well as at the federal, state, and local levels.

Prop 400’s duration has been extended.

The Chamber will be actively involved in promoting the extension of Proposition 400 as a method of enhancing our state’s infrastructure system while also contributing to a healthy economic environment in our state and region. The continuation of this financing mechanism is crucial to ensuring that Maricopa County maintains its competitive economy, even if the priority projects and transportation modes change over the legislative term.

“Maricopa County is the only county in the state of Arizona that needs legislative permission before a proposal may be placed on the ballot. ” This topic will be a key priority for the Chamber this session, and the Chamber will work hard to ensure that it is on the ballot in 2022 so that people have the chance to express themselves.”

Prop 400 would provide funds for multi-modal transportation projects, like as highway expansions, public transportation, and arterial roadway construction.

Budget for the state that is structurally balanced

Parliament urges parliamentarians to maintain a structurally balanced budget, as well as to support programs that seek to strengthen pandemic recovery efforts. The Chamber commends the Legislature for passing a financially reasonable budget in 2021 and allocating enough money for state services like as education and infrastructure, and it urges the Legislature to take a similarly responsible approach in 2022.

Arizona’s P-20 education system should be a top priority for legislators when they examine the state’s budget in 2022, according to the Chamber of Commerce. Education institutions need government assistance now more than ever to deal with the tremendous demands that have arisen as a result of the epidemic. This includes supporting the New Economy project, which has been proposed by Arizona’s public institutions. Talent pipelines at all levels of higher education are more important today than they have ever been before.

According to Todd Sanders, president and CEO of the Chamber, “since so many schools and companies are relying on virtual platforms during the epidemic, digital infrastructure is critical right now.” The necessity of supporting vital education and infrastructure projects is well understood by legislators, and I look forward to working with them to find ways for everyone to make a positive contribution to Arizona’s economy.

The Chamber also supports financing and tax policies that keep Arizona competitive while also providing resources for key infrastructure requirements that will propel the region’s economy forward.

A fair, sound, and balanced fiscal model that fosters job creation and economic vibrancy is encouraged by the Chamber, and legislators are urged to embrace and adhere to it.

Employer safeguards as well as efforts for workforce development

As in the past, the Chamber will oppose cumbersome rules and mandates that hurt companies and impede growth, particularly in these uncertain times, and will prioritize legislation that allows for innovation in the area of talent pipeline development and strengthening.

A strong legislative monitoring mechanism, in place at the Chamber, ensures that any new law is crafted in collaboration with business stakeholders, serving as a watchdog for firms of all sizes throughout the process.

“In order to encourage company development, it is critical that business owners are not hindered by restrictions that limit their capacity to invest in their businesses, their workers, and their communities,” Huckins said. Given the tremendous uncertainty businesses are now experiencing, the Chamber of Commerce will continue to actively oppose requirements at all levels of government that make it more difficult or expensive to conduct business in our wonderful state.

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